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Someone Built A Meat Cannon In Fallout 76


A community of Fallout 76 players have come together to celebrate the wacky creations they all make together in one place, Fallout 76 Art Projects. The F76ArtProjects community have done a lot, creating all kinds of interesting and different camps, including those restricted to 1×1 squares. As part of their latest effort to get players being creative, someone has built a meat cannon, and it’s incredible.

A Cannon, But With Meat

As you can see, this player has really let the self isolation madness set in. They’re a dude wearing a very pretty dress, not that odd in itself, firing meat into the sky, which is where you have to question their sanity. How is this achieved? I hear you ask, and how can I replicate it? Don’t worry, they’ve revealed their secrets, though they may not be aware that they’ve done so given their current mental state.

The cannon, which you can identify with the neon signage, houses several frag mines, topped with all kinds of meat from around the Appalachian Wasteland. Those mines are triggered by a flamer trap, linked to the switch you see the player pulling in the video.

The interior of the cannon is actually a lot more genius that you can see. Two diagonal roof tiles have been glitched together to make an upside down V shape. This gathers the frag mines in the middle of the shape, and the meant on top of them, making for a perfect way to launch bits of dead animal into the sky.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look as through the cannon will work on a person. The player explains that anything without ragdoll physics doesn’t fire properly, and since players go into a downed state, that’s every human in the game out for now. However, it does seem like you could put a dead animal in there and launch it, maybe even a Super Mutant, which would really be a sight to see.

I can see myself adding a meat cannon to my next build in the game, which may or may not come after the release of the Wastelanders expansion. With just a few days left to go, it’s time to start getting reacquainted with Fallout 76.

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