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Why I’m Excited About Rogue Company


Rogue Company is an upcoming team based shooter game that’s hitting all major platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. It’s got a lot going on, and it seems to take elements from a bunch of different games, but it looks really good because of it. I’m pretty excited about it, andI wanted to let you know why you should be too.

Every Team Based Shooter In One

As you may have noticed from this gameplay trailer, there are so many recognisable elements from major shooter titles within this game. It’s a bit like how Valorant borrows from a number of other shooter games, but I think that Rogue Company is just a bit more subtle about it. For example, there are zip lines that appear to work in a similar way to those in Fortnite and Apex Legends, but they’re short, and used primarily as transportation as opposed to being a great way to score kills.

The similarities between other shooters goes deeper though, and they all make the game look better. The UI in certain missions shows the number of players on each team drop with every kill, just like in Rainbow Six Siege. This adds tension to each match, particularly when the objective is to disarm a bomb in the enemy’s base. The way each character is slightly different is also a big feature from major shooters. Think of how Overwatch provides players with characters that all have complimentary abilities, and how that seems to be conveyed here.

All of these elements are brought together by moment-to-moment gameplay that reminds me of the multiplayer in the Uncharted series. Players are rolling and dodging out of the way before shooting with precise over the shoulder cameras. All of it creates a game that I’m very excited to play, I might even go for the platinum trophy on PlayStation 4 if there is one.

I don’t know if the goal with Rogue Company is to offer players a premium game with free in-game content, or a free-to-play game with premium content, but I’d wager it’s the latter. Regardless, I think that this game is going to find a home with those who want a less serious shooter, but one that creates its own identity from bits and pieces of others.

You can currently sign up for the alpha of Rogue Company on the game’s website. Don’t miss out.

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