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Gamedec Is Finally On Kickstarter And Needs Your Support

We love Gamedec here, and now it’s got a live Kickstarter campaign (which you can check out here). We’ve already explained what this game is a couple of times, and covered some of the different aspects of it from a gameplay and concept perspective, but let’s dive in one more time to help it along.

You Are A Gamedec

In Gamedec, you take on the role of a game detective, someone who has the ability to solve crimes in the real and virtual worlds. It’s the 23rd century, and game technology has become so powerful that people spend most of their lives in them, both working and playing. Crime doesn’t change just because it’s virtual, there are consequences, and you’re the one to identify who needs to stand up to them. You’ll be getting involved in slave labour in farming games, and uncovering the shady business behind loot boxes as well, but I’m sure there will be the occasional boring murder to look into.

Play To Your Values

There are systems in place that let you play as the kind of detective that you want to be. If finding the truth is important to you, above all else, then that’s how you’ll act. This could get you into trouble, by beating up witnesses for example, or even threatening to kill them in the virtual world, but as long as you et to the truth, why should you care? Choices like this will severely affect your experience, turning Gamedec into a world where you can have a number of completely unique experiences.

You character will be fleshed out as you play. The choices you make will see them unravel throughout the story, and that’s how you’ll get to be closer to them. Other choices will change how people react to you, and could even have massive consequences in the story, but you need to play them through to find out what they are.

This is an isometric RPG, but the story evolves as you play. I can tell you right now that you won’t have experienced anything like it, and you just need to try it for yourself. There’s a lot on offer here, so much so that I think the game could end up being better than Disco Elysium.

How’s It Looking?

At the time of writing, just a few hours into the campaign, funds sit at £34,782 of the required £42,155 goal, and they keep rising before my eyes. This campaign is going to be successful, there’s no doubt about it, so if you want a guaranteed copy you should get in there now. The reward tiers are nice and varied. There are some early bird offers, which will be gone by the time this article is published, but there are still some cheap digital pledges to go for. The physical rewards are sensible, and they’re not too expensive for what you get. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game, what about you?

Sometimes we write about games that have been successful on Kickstarter, or just ones that we like the look of that are seeking pledges. If you enjoyed this look at Gamedec, check out some more articles here.

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