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Could Brad Vickers Get A Better Ending In Resident Evil 3 Remake?


Brad Vickers is the guy in yellow that you’ll definitely recognise from Resident Evil 3. You won’t remember his name, if you’re like me, but you will definitely know who I’m talking about when you realise that he’s the guy Nemesis kills first. He’s the one that you see the tentacle rip through, and he’s the only other S.T.A.R.S. member in the game. With Vickers dealt with, Nemesis moves onto Jill Valentine, and so the story starts.

Remake Brad Vickers

Brad is a bit of a weasel in the Resident Evil story. He’s not known for making great decisions, and seemingly betrays his fellow S.T.A.R.S. members, only to turn spy for the opposition as the story of Resident Evil 3 kicks off. Sadly though, he’ll never be more than the guy in yellow who Nemesis kills first to me. It’s a screenshot that I saw in magazines and on websites, and I still don’t care much about him. But with Resident Evil 3 Remake on the way, I can’t help but think that Vickers deserves a slightly better ending than he got the first time around.

Capcom has no issue with adding more story in with their remakes, so why not give Brad a bit more to him? If they chose to, Capcom could double down on the spy aspect of his characters making him feel like the only S.T.A.R.S. member who is working for the Raccoon City Police Department whilst also looking to take them down. Given that he originally left Alpha team as he flew away in his helicopter in the first Resident Evil, this could be his way of trying to redeem himself. Yes, he came back, and dropped a rocket launcher, but I bet he’d still be feeling guilty so soon after those events.

When Nemesis shows up, Brad could be trying to protect Jill. This would fit with his feelings of guilt, wanting to put himself in harms way like he should have the first time around. Nemesis could still hit him with the tentacle, but the we could get a slightly better ending for Brad as well.

In the original game, Brad is infected after this encounter with Nemesis, and passes out. He then turns into a zombie, and Jill puts him down. Nemesis has some powerful virus cocktails in him, so it stands to reason that he could pass that same cocktail onto Brad. If he did, it would mean that getting killed is never the end. Brad could mutate, just as Nemesis does, posing more of a threat each time he comes back. It would be a great twist to players who know the original game well, and enhance the story in a way that no one is expect, except maybe me.

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