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Good News Everyone! Games Done Quick Is Still On This Year


Summer Games Done Quick is the summer edition of Games Done Quick, a speedrunning marathon that makes everyone want to get into the weird hobby, and find out secrets and new discoveries in their favourite games. The events are always organised to raise money for charity, but because of coronavirus, this year’s edition of SGDQ was postponed until August 16-23.

Corona Relief Done Quick

Now however, we get something completely different. Corona Relief Done Quick will be a similar speedrunning marathon, though it will only take place online as you’d expect. The event will run from April 17 to April 19, and it will be raising money for Direct Relief. These guys are a charity that takes money and turns it into the relief that worldwide crises need, such as ventilators for hospitals in this case.

I love Games Done Quick. Every year it makes me vow to learn how to speedrun a game, and I never do it. Still, it’s just shocking how many people dedicate their spare time to learning how to play through a game as fast as possible. This year I’ll definitely be watching Corona Relief Done Quick, but there’s another angle to this year’s self isolation situation that could help most of us follow through on our promises for once.

With self isolation being what it is, I’ve found that I have a lot more time on my hands. Yes, I’m still exercising, I’m still parenting my daughter two days a week, and I’m still working on writing about games. But my evenings see me searching for something to do that isn’t switching on something mad yet engrossing, like Tiger King, on Netflix. This is the perfect opportunity for me, and all of you reading, to pick up a game and learn how to speedrun it.

There are no excuses left. Things are only going to get stricter as more and more people ignore what their governments are saying. We all may as well become speedrunners, and try to make it to GDQ next year.

During this trying time of solid coronavirus (COID-19) news we’re trying to get some good news in front of your eyes. If you enjoyed this brighter outlook on things for Games Done Quick, check out some other similar articles here.

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