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Good News Everyone! Bethesda Has Lots Planned For 2020


Earlier this year, for obvious reasons, E3 2020 was cancelled. Loads of companies made the call that they would be doing their own digital press conferences instead, around the same time that E3 would have taken place. This makes sense, since the marketing teams for these developers and publishers have probably already put in a lot of work for the event. On April 1, Pete Hines of Bethesda announced that the company wouldn’t even be doing that.

But There’s A Good Side

While you could look at this with a view that Bethesda actually has nothing to share, it sounds like that isn’t the case. Hines explained in the above tweet that the company actually has a lot of work going on, and they’ll be sharing stuff over the coming months.

I’m looking at this with the view that Bethesda are so busy that they just don’t have time to put together an E3-like press conference. Instead, they’re going to keep working away on all of their projects, and reveal them one by one, when they’re ready. E3 can be a stressful time for these companies. They’re under a lot of pressure to deliver big news, new gameplay, and massive announcements. The thing is, sometimes that simply isn’t the case.

What we do know is that Wastelanders, the first expansion for Fallout 76, is coming in a couple of weeks. We also know that The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new expansion. There’s a sixth mainline Elder Scrolls game in the works, and Starfield, a sci-fi RPG, is still being developed in the background. That’s all without thinking about a possible Fallout 5 and who knows what else the company might be making.

Take this news as something positive. It means that we’ll get exciting announcements when they’re ready. What we won’t be getting are half-baked promises of news, and little more than a video of a landscape or planet. I’m excited to see what Bethesda surprise us with as 2020 goes on.

We’re trying to get some good news to you during these troubling times. Something to look at between all the coronavirus (COVID-19) news. If you liked this positive outlook on Bethesda’s workload this year, check out some similar articles here.

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