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I Really Hate Pale Heads In Resident Evil 3 Remake

Zombies are a constant presence in Resident Evil 3 Remake, but that’s what you expect. The franchise is known for being filled with zombies, and pushing as many of them as possible at the player. However, the Resident Evil games are also known for the crazy experiments that Umbrella undertake in order to create brand new bioweapons that they can sell to the worst people in the world. I’ve been struggling against one of these bioweapons in particular, and not the one that I expected.

The Unstoppable Undead


I feel a little bit silly complaining about an enemy that isn’t Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Honestly though, for all that he is an unstoppable killing machine that has driven me to punching my desk in frustration, nothing is scarier or more unpredictable than the Pale Heads.

These enemies first appeared in the Ghost Stories game mode of Resident Evil 2 Remake, but not the core game. Since you venture into the same area in Resident Evil 3 Remake, NEST 2, of course you have to fight them here. They’re pale, as you’d expect, with no eyes, and they regenerate health extremely quickly. Yes, they sound exactly like the Regenerators of Resident Evil 4, and I expect that they’re somehow related. Pale Heads are a mutation that only some people go through when infected with the T-virus. It’s not know how they’re formed, but they’re different because of that regenerative quality.

In Resident Evil 3 Remake, quite near the end of the game, there are a fair few of them thrown at you all at once. I thought I was clever, so I went in with a Handgun, Shotgun, and Grenade Launcher. The Handgun was pointless, these guys just heal the damage you do faster than you can deal it. The Shotgun is great for knocking them down, but you’ll never kill them with it. I thought that the Grenade Launcher would work, but I was wrong.

I launched a grenade at two Pale Heads, a smile on my face. That smile turned into a gasp when both Pale Heads got up and started towards me though. Further grenades did littler to rectify the situation. I even launched an Acid Round at one, but just watched on as it slowly continued to crawl towards me, healing as it came.

These guys eat ammo like nothing else, and they’re so frustrating because of it. In the end, I used thrown Grenades to cause the Pale Heads to drop, then ran through before they could get back up and grab me. I’ve only managed to kill one Pale Head, and that was because I had to. There was no avoiding it. I did this with the Magnum, and it felt bad. The Magnum is the most powerful weapon in Resident Evil 3 Remake, bar one other special weapon, and the ammo is precious. Still, it worked.

I’ve been playing through Resident Evil 3 Remake over the past week, and will have a review up on the site shortly. Let me know if you also hate Pale Heads in the comments.

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