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Good News Everyone! Gameforge Is Offering Free Gifts In Their MMOs


Gameforge, one of the biggest western MMO publishers of games such as NosTale, AION, Metin 2, SoulWorker, TERA, and OGame has announced that they’ll be celebrating World Health Day in a way that all of their fans will enjoy. The company is joining the #PlayApartTogether initiative, which sees developers and publishers all work together to provide their fans with reasons to stay at home and play instead of going outside. For Gameforge this means hosting a series of events, as well as offering a number of special in-game items for players to earn.

Stay At Home And Play Those Games

This week the UK has been gloriously sunny. It’s quite frustrating not being able to go outside and enjoy it in a park with my family, but I take solace in the knowledge that I can sit back, relax, and play an MMO that offers dozens of hours of content for me to grind through instead. That’s exactly how Gameforge game fans should be feeling, because there’s a lot to get through. While World Health Day was April 7, these in-game events go on until next week!

Metin 2

Players of Metin 2 can pick up a free face mask item for their character, but there are also free daily gifts, and a Drop Event for First Aid Boxes. The contents of which you can explore on the game’s official site.


Until April 21 all AION players will be given free care packages when they log in. This includes a Gold Pack, Ultimate Transformation Potion, a new event Title Card, a Goldsqueak health recovery item, and Recovery Tea.


Everyone in TERA has a special package waiting for them in their mailbox. Up until April 14 loads of in-game gifts will be presented to players, including 50 Health Potions, 10 Goddess’ Blessing, a 100 percent XP boost, 2000 Fashion Coupons, an Infinity Coin, and the Care and Use of Your Pet Miss Kitty summon book.


Players need to log in so that they can claim a free item from their NosMail in NosTale. this will include the rare pet Centaurio Bushi, and 100 NosMate Guardian Angels to protect it. There will also be Easter-themed events, clothes, and missions up until April 29.

There’s so much more going on as part of #PlayApartTogether, so keep an eye out and see where you can make the most of your gaming time.

While the mianstream news is looking pretty bleak, we want to get as much good news in front of your eyes as we can. This bit of news was emailed to us, so please do share if you have any more! If you enjoyed this more positive outlook on the news, then check out some similar articles here.

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