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Good News Everyone! You Can Now Build An Exo Mech In No Man’s Sky


Hello Games have done it again. The last update to No Man’s Sky added organic ships, which are amazing, weird, and make it feel like you’re living the Farscape TV series. Now they’ve gone and added the Exo Mech, an awesome new piece of equipment that you can craft and run around in as much as you want.

This is the Minotaur Heavy Exocraft Hybrid. It’s an advanced mechanical walker that, as you can see, dominates the landscape around you. It’s pretty similar to the mechs in Titanfall, but I’m sure Hello Games only took slight inspiration from them.

These guys have some advanced jump capabilities. You can leap forward further than you could ever hope to as your tiny explorer self. Not only that, but there’s a landing slide that’s pretty great for moving along the ground too. The cockpit of these things has even been fully modelled so that you can look around it in full 360 degree wonder. I’m constantly amazed by how much this game does for PlayStation VR, and now it’s doing even more.

To top off the already brilliant things that this mech can do, it can also survive in harsh environments. Usually you’d need a bunch of mods installed in your suit, and powered up to full. Now though, you can just hop in your mech and explore away. The mech is oblivious to toxins or temperature damage, and it can still scan and collect items whilst you’re in it. It’s even got an advanced terrain tool for doing everything that you normally would.

There are a lot more aspects to the Exo Mech update, such as quality of life improvements for base building, but you can see all of those here. For now we’ll just end by pointing out that you can summon these bad boys from your freighter, as long as it’s in the star system.

We’re trying to get as much good news in front of your eyes as we can right now. With mainstream news being a bit bleak, we hope this helped remind you of the awesome things that are going on in games. If you enjoyed this positive news piece, check out some more here.

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