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Headless Jill And Other Secrets In Resident Evil 3 Remake


Resident Evil 3 is a fantastic game for many reasons. It brings a whole new fan base into the world of one of the most controversial entries in the series, it makes Jill Valentine look like even more of a badass, and it gives Nemesis a character design that actually suits him down to the ground. However, there’s more to the game than meets they eye, a lot more, and that’s what you’re going to see in the video below. These secrets somehow make the game even better, at least for me, so strap in while I tell you a bit about them.

My highlights from this video area all of the boring things. Firstly, I love having a look at title screens in games, because the developers never think about players seeing them outside of how they’re intended to be presented. In Resident Evil 3 Remake, we get a decent look at the Raccoon City cinema, Nemesis, some janky fire, but also the pod that Nemesis was dropped into the city in. I went looking for this in the game and couldn’t find it, more for fear that I would be eaten alive than anything else, but being able to see it here is a real treat.

My second highlight is the intro cutscene. This has been really well put together by Capcom, comprised of both CGI and 90s style TV reports from the scenes of madness. If you remove all of that though, you simply see a headless Jill Valentine. The reason for this is because the opening to the game sees you taking on the role of Jill in first person. Developers generally remove the character’s head when a game is first person because the head would get in the way. As you probably know, the camera changes later in the game, but it’s interesting to see that this section of the game is already loaded while you think it hasn’t even started.

This video from Slippy Slides is just one of the many that he’s done on secrets in games. Prior to Resident Evil 3 Remake launching he actually went through the original Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and found a few facts that you wouldn’t have known otherwise, such as when certain enemies and NPCs spawn into scenes in the game.

I find this stuff fascinating, but let us know if you do too in the comments. 

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