How To Catch A Scorpion In Animal Crossing: New Horizons


With a new month comes a whole new selection of creepy crawlies to catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The most notorious of these is the scorpion, which is very like the tarantula in that it will chase you and sting you if you get too close. This will result in you passing out and being revived at your house, or the dock if you’re on a mystery tour. There are two viable ways to catch these little guys, both of which we’re going to walk you through in this guide.

How To Catch A Scorpion With Just A Net


This first method only requires a net. When you see a scorpion, equip your net and slowly approach the bug with your net raised. When the scorpion goes into a defensive position, stop in your tracks and wait. Eventually it will go back to normal and begin moving once more, this is when you can move a few more steps forward and close the gap. The scorpion will continue to go into a defensive position when it notices you, but if you keep pausing and moving only when it isn’t being defensive, eventually you’ll be within net range.

How To Catch A Scorpion With A Shovel And Net


This method is much easier, as long as you have a good layout of your island in your head. Find a spot that you know how to get to, and dig four holes around you, leaving only one path into the area with these holes. Because you’re a human, you can jump over those holes, but a scorpion can’t. Now you need to find a scorpion, get it to chase you, and run to those holes. Run into the centre, and jump over a hole to escape. The scorpion will be trapped, but still within netting range.

Scorpions are the trickiest bug to catch in May. If you don’t manage to get one this month, don’t worry. In the northern hemisphere they spawn from May to October, and then they’ll spawn in the southern hemisphere from November to April.

There are rumours of a glitched way to catch a scorpion. Some say that if you dig up a fossil while being chased it will pause the scorpion and cause it to be easier to catch, but this sounds like something that will be patched out very quickly if true.

Scorpions are great for being sold for a lot of Bells. If you manage to find Flick, a potential visitor, then he’ll buy them for 150 percent the usual price. Let us know if you’ve managed to get one in the comments.

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