There’s A Resident Evil 3 Board Game Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign (check it out here) for the Resident Evil 3 Board Game snuck up and surprised me. Having reviewed Resident Evil 3 Remake, I’ve never been more into this oddity in the Resident Evil universe, and a chance to look back at a board game version of the original is intriguing to say the least.

Survival Horror Tabletop Game


The board game version of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is designed for 1-4 players. You play as survivors of a ruined Raccoon City in the midst of the outbreak, and you need to escape. However, there are so many hidden terrors lurking in the dark, all of which have been taken from the original game, that you may not make it out alive. As players explore the city, they’ll need to pick up items and solve puzzles in order to progress. Along the way they’ll also be making choices that have a huge impact on the story moving forward.

The game works like any board game, you have pieces, a path, dice, and a game master. Okay, well not every game has a game master, and that’s where Resident Evil 3 the Board Game gets interesting. The game master has control over one of 14 different scenarios, all of which are playable with 1 player, 4 players, and everything in-between. A tension deck keeps the game moving, with random events, such as Nemesis bursting through the wall, able to occur at any point.

Situations will evolve based on a player’s choices. The game master knows what the story ahead of every player is, but the player hasn’t got a clue. Should players make a certain decision, they could make life incredibly difficult for themselves.

How’s It Looking?


Considering that this board game is a sequel to one based on Resident Evil 2, it’s going swimmingly. At the time of writing the campaign sits at £460,914 of a required £150,000. It’s a totally physical reward system, which you can build up depending on the types of figures that you want to see in your game. The base pledge is just £65, which comes with everything that you need to play. However, you can add on more tiles, go for a retro pack, a specialised dice pack, and even the city of ruin pack, which is just loads more models for dangerous enemies.

This campaign is already successful, but I think what makes it so impressive is how cheap it is to access. Yes, this is expensive for a board game, but it’s a really great deal for getting in on the ground floor of what will probably become a very rare board game.

Sometimes we like to cover Kickstarter projects that we like the look of, or games from projects that did well. If you liked this look at the Resident Evil 3 Board Game’s campaign, check out more Kickstarter articles here.

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