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Relive The Last Of Us With This Epic Fan Trailer


Last week we reported on an incredible fan trailer for The Last Of Us Part 2 from Cristiandrake on YouTube. Well now the YouTuber has done it again, except this time they’ve put together a ‘Legacy’ trailer for the first game. It’s a fantastic way to relive the experience without necessarily needing to replay it, but it will make you want to.

Given the leaks for The Last Of Us Part 2, I think that this trailer comes at an important time for the series. It helps us remember a few things about the original game that we loved, the characters, their motivations, and most-importantly, why this story needs to be finished. We’ve also had an official story trailer for The Last Of Us Part 2 since we covered the fan trailer too, check it out below.

When you watch these two trailers one after the other, you definitely get a sense of the journey that Ellie is going through. While in the first game, Joel offers her the choice to walk away from handing her brain over in an effort to cure the infection, she also seems to be offered multiple ways out of her journey of revenge in the sequel. In both cases Ellie refuses to back down, finishing the thing that she has started, no matter the cost in human life, or to her mind and soul.

Ellie is already grown up in The Last Of Us Part 2, but we’re going to see her come of age. This is a story about the experience that will define her life. Nothing after this game is going to compare to the events that she will see, no matter how long she lives for.

There are definite story notes that I’d like to touch on in the second trailer, but I don’t think it’s worth it given the leaks that have occurred. I think the best course of action for everyone is to stay the course, avoid spoilers, and hold out until the game’s release date when we can enjoy it fully, and as intended. The thing that most people don’t get, is that this a story that has been designed to be played, not read or watched, so doing anything but playing it is a vastly underwhelming experience. Do yourself a favour, play it.

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