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The Mafia Game Twitter Account Has Posted For The First Time In Two Years


Over the weekend the official Mafia Game Twitter account made a post. Now this wouldn’t normally be that unusual, or newsworthy, but this is the first post that the account has made since August 24, 2018. That last post, before this weekend, was to announce that Mafia 3 was available for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. So what’s this new post all about?

Obviously there are a few different things that this tweet could be alluding to, so let’s cover them now.


The tweet could be letting everyone know that news of a remaster is coming over the next week. There are three Mafia games, all of which were greatly enjoyed by the fan base, so any one of them getting a remaster would be welcome. If this news is for a remaster, it will be for either the first or second game in the series, since the third game was already on PS4 and Xbox One. I do think that there’s a small chance that we’ll see a next-gen announcement, possibly for a Mafia Remastered Collection, bringing all three games to PS5 and Xbox Series X, but something else would also need to be happening.

Mafia 4

It has been a long time since Mafia 3 released in 2016, we need a new Mafia game. Mafia 4 could be for both current and next-gen consoles, and would be a fantastic piece of news for any series fans looking to invest in either of the new consoles. We don’t need to know where it goes, who is in it, or what we’ll be doing, just that there’s a fourth game. A trailer would be nice though.


The Nintendo Switch is becoming a bigger platform by the day. So many people own one that it’s impossible to ignore it as a viable way to reach gamers. This idea links back to the remasters idea, but those remasters would be for Nintendo Switch. There’s no question that if The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt can be run on a Switch, all three Mafia games can be as well. It’s possible that the announcement will be for one or all of the Mafia games hitting the Switch, and I think that this is the most likely theory.

We’ll keep you up to date on what exactly the announcement is as we know more. Let us know your theories in the comments.

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