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Lonely Mountains: Downhill Feels Fantastic On The Switch


I’ve been playing quite a bit of Lonely Mountains: Downhill on Nintendo Switch. It launched on May 7, and both I and a lot of other people have been having a lot of fun with it on this new platform. while I’m sure the game plays just as well, and feels fantastic to do anywhere, I think that it shines on the Nintendo Switch.

In Lonely Mountains: Downhill, you play as a downhill mountain bike rider. You have a series of mountains to unlock, with a number of trails to master on each one. At first you’ll just be completing the trail at your own pace. Then you have a time and crash limit, and from there the objectives become increasingly difficult. It’s a game that lets you build. up your skills before presenting you with too much of a challenge, much like the OlliOlli franchise, which is handy because the controls can be awkward to understand at first.

You control your bike through one of two simple control schemes. I opted for the one that simply uses left and right, since figuring out my direction based on the character’s position was way too complicated for my brain. Even this was hard to master, but after a few runs I had it down. From there, the only complicated bit is learning each new trail.

The trails in the game are littered with obstacles to avoid, shortcuts to take, and opportunities for speed if your skill is high enough. Being able to drop in and out of the game for a quick attempt at a trail is what kept me going. I felt like I could stop at any moment, put my Switch down, and get on with my day in order to avoid the stress of failing over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I did sit there for hours getting stressed at trails as well, but that feeling of being on-the-go with the game, able to drop out at any moment, made me want to play for longer.

Now that the OlliOlli franchise is a bit old, we need a sports-based skill game with quick bursts of gameplay to keep us busy. I thoroughly recommend the Switch version of Lonely Mountains: Downhill. It’s a fantastic game that keeps on giving. Even once you’ve mastered every mountain and trail, there are plenty of leaderboards to reach the top of, and people with random names to get angry at for somehow being half a second faster than you.

If you have a Switch, you need this game.

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