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Nightvision Offers Endless Night Driving Fun


Whenever I plan to go somewhere, be it for the day or on holiday, I always love thinking about the journey. I don’t enjoy looking at maps and figuring out the best route or anything like that, I just love the drive. The longer the drive, the better, and if it’s over some roads that Iv’e never driven before, then that’s the best kind of journey I could go on. Nightvision is a game that’s about that feeling of joy that people like me get from driving for hours on end with no end in sight.

As you can see, this is a road lite. It retains all the same features of a roguelite, the procedural generation, the death, the restarting, and the push for getting just a little bit further. The story is going to teach you the basics, how to drive, how to avoid traffic, how to cope with the weather, all in preparation for what I think is going to be the best part of the game, the endless drive mode.

Nightvision offers a way to create a road that will never end, and simply lets you drive it for as long as you physically can. I’m excited to play this just because I love driving, as I already mentioned. However, I could see the game taking off on Twitch and YouTube, with streamers and content creators going as far as they can on a map, then releasing the seed for the map to let their followers try and beat them.

In a weird way, I think the game could develop quite the community. In the real world people meet up for drives all around the world. They simply like to see other people who enjoy going from one place to another and enjoy the journey. That’s what Nightvision is, in essence, all about.

Yes, the crashes look horrific, and will no doubt trigger some people who have experienced nasty ones in real life, but I think that the beauty of just being able to drive for hours on end is going to be too fun to avoid. The game is slated for a fall 2020 release, but you can keep an eye on it through Steam here.

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