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Fallout Friday: The Fallout 76 2020 Roadmap


We all knew this was coming, but now it’s finally here. Last week Bethesda released the official 2020 roadmap for Fallout 76, detailing the game’s future, and where we can expect to see additions, expansions, events, and everything else in the game. The reveal was particularly exciting, but there’s a small caveat that I have with the new direction that the game is going in. Let’s get into it.



Pretty soon we’re going to see the inclusion of a season pass in Fallout 76. This is something that’s present in many other MMOs, including Destiny 2, and while it isn’t harmful, it does create the sense that you have to play every day, or you’re missing out. However, if Bethesda do things differently to Bungie, which it looks like they are, and include events for everyone in the game, not just season pass holders, then the game shouldn’t suffer from the introduction.

Seasons present all players with 100 ranks each season to climb. You know the drill, play to earn points, and unlock new items at every rank. Interestingly, with Fallout 76 this is a solution to the endgame grind, which sees players take on every challenge they can find just for something to do. Even the most hardcore of players should find themselves struggling to be bored with season in the mix. I’ll report back on exactly what they feel like once I’ve played with them a bit.

One Wasteland For All

This is an update that I’ve been waiting for since Fallout 76 launched. The gist of it is that right now, you can stumble upon enemies that are two or three times your level. This isn’t so bad in some cases, but when there are loads of them, it just ruins your fun. This update to the game will make it so that the wasteland scales to you, so all enemies and loot will be at your level. This will mean that you can’t accidentally run into a level 99 Wendigo while on a level 20 character, and you won’t be carrying around a missile launcher with a level 50 requirement on it from level 10 onwards. All other MMOs work like this, I don’t know why it has taken so long to come to Fallout 76 really.

Fractured Steel

This is going to be another big world update for Fallout 76. Right now, the game has seen the return of humans everywhere with Wastelanders. While that expansion was massive, I expect Fractured Steel will simply build upon it with Brotherhood of Steel characters. That’s not a bad thing at all though. I think it will be a smaller scale update that will introduce a new faction, new missions, and basically give us enough to do without the stress of needing to re-explore the entire world. The update will also add a staple to most MMOs, replayable missions. These are called Expeditions, and should bring even more for those in the endgame to play around with.

I’m very excited about 2020 for Fallout 76. Let us know in the comments if you are as well.

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