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Good News Everyone! Cities: Skylines Green Cities Is Free For Consoles


If you’ve every played Cities: Skylines on console, you’ll know that it’s just as much fun as it is on PC, although it is a bit sad that you can’t access mods. There have been two expansion passes for the game on console now, which allow you to access a few different expansions, all of which are already available on PC. However, you might have been holding out for a decent sale on these expansion, and you may just enjoy the base game so much that you don’t want to spend more money because you feel that you’ve got enough there. Well now we all have no excuse, because Green Cities is free.

Green Cities is the big eco expansion for Cities: Skylines that I, and many of you, have been waiting for. While it’s been available for a while now, this is the first time that it has been free, and it’s only free for a few more days. Make sure you take advantage of this and get it in your library, because it’s well worth having even if you don’t play it immediately.

In Green Cities you’ll be turning the industrial districts of every city that you’ve built into lush green landscapes. The expansion brings in a few more options for green energy, and offers a way to clean up both water and land pollution. It’s always nice to be able to keep your city as clean as possible, since pollution is part and parcel of the industrial sector that you must build in the beginning.

While it can take a few in-game years, you will eventually see your city change into a green paradise. Pollution will melt away, and you’ll see people start to enjoy the parks and air once again. Of course, it’s always nice to create a dirty little section of your city, if you want to have somewhere for crime to be focused that doesn’t really matter, but I know there are perfectionists out there who want a completely green city. Well this expansion is the way to achieve that, and it really is a joy to use.

Let us know if you grabbed Green Cities in the comments. 

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