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Is Now The Time To Get Into Sea Of Thieves?


Sea of Thieves is coming to Steam on June 3. With a little under a couple of weeks to go until a fresh load of players find their way into the game, could this be the time to finally get into it? I’ve had an Xbox One for almost a year now, and I’ve still not played the game. I also have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, which entitles me to access to the game, so it only makes sense that I should at least try it before it becomes completely overwhelmed right?

Sea of Thieves is a huge MMO set on a series of seas. Players take on the role of a pirate in this massive open world, and they can do pretty much whatever they want. While I believe that there is a story, or at least adventures, to follow, the heart of the game is simply being a pirate. You can hook up with a crew, got on some treasure hunts, and then take on another crew in ship on ship battle. It seems hugely open for emergent gameplay, and that’s something that I find really appealing.

I also love the sea in games. Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag was my favourite game in the series, and I’ve found since that I just love all forms of seafaring in games. Sea of Thieves should, therefore, be my jam, but I’m still hesitant. I’ve poured hundreds of hours into Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, and now I’m almost sick of that franchise.

I think that I overdid it with the Destiny franchise. The games are extremely repetitive, and don’t offer much in the way of emergent gameplay, like Sea of Thieves does. Even multiplayer matches, which are different every time, feel the same quite often. That’s why I’m hesitant to touch Sea of Thieves. I don’t want to get so into another MMO that I end up gorging on it, only to then hate it later. I want my time investment to be worth it in years to come, when the game has evolved to become even bigger than it is now.

I’ll be trying to get into Sea of Thieves in the lead up to the Steam version’s launch. If you’re like me, and still haven’t tried it, why don’t you come along on the journey with me? I’ll report back on how I find things over the next week or so.

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