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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Announced By Frogwares


Developer Frogwares has been through a lot in the last year or so. A number of their games were de-listed due to a contract coming to an end, and the awkwardness of a third party mean that it took them months to get their games listed and earning them money once more. Now though, it seems like they’ve bounced right back, because they’ve just announced a brand new entry in their well known detective franchise, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is a prequel in the franchise, if the name hadn’t given that little fact away. It’s set to tell the story of Sherlock’s mother’s death, the mystery around it, and explore him a it more as this young man with a raw talent for noticing details. The story will also explore the origins of Jon, not Dr. John Watson, but another character who is there for Sherlock in these early years.

Frogwares expressed in a statement that their version of Sherlock Holmes isn’t a traditional one. At this point in his life he is far more arrogant, and that talent for grabbing details with all senses is clouded by the way he acts right now as well. Unlike the later version of Sherlock, this young man doesn’t mind lying to someone, even getting violent with them, in order to get to the truth.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is set to launch in 2021. The game will have an open world investigation theme to it. You’ll be able to freely explore the city, follow up leads, find clues, and of course enter Sherlock’s mind palace.

Frogwares’ Sherlock Holmes games, and The Sinking City, are a very specific type of game, for a very specific type of player. They explore the murder mystery and detective genre with new approaches that don’t gel well with everyone, which is why they aren’t seen as huge successes. However, for those who do enjoy the gameplay, and like the intrigue that they present, these games are some of the best available. We’ve followed Frogwares’ woes over the last year, and we’re glad that they’re back on their feet with a new game in the works.

Let us know what you think of the look and sounds of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One in the comments. 

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