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Quantic Dream Is Bringing Three Games To Steam Next Month


Quantic Dream has announced that they’re bringing three of their awesome games to Steam next month. The games are; Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, and Beyond: Two Souls, all of which are well worth your time. Up until now, these games have been exclusive to PlayStation 4, though some were made available on PC through various mediums. Now however, there will be a Steam version of each of these games, and that’s super exciting because it makes them hugely accessible.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a strange game for a few reasons. It follows a father, who has already lost one child, in the wake of the second child being kidnapped. He’s given clues as to the child’s location, but he must undertake various tasks in order to find more information. Players also take on the role of an investigator looking into the mysterious Origami Killer, a journalist on the case, and an FBI agent looking into the situation as well. Sadly, elements of the game were pulled very last minute, and there are plot holes that show this. Still, the game is a thrilling thing to play, and definitely worth getting through at least once, just for one of the endings.

Beyond: Two Souls

Ellen Page stars in Beyond: Two Souls as a girl, then woman, who is inexplicably linked with an other-worldly being. The creature that she is linked to can manipulate objects without being seen, making it seem like a ghost, though there are darker versions of it too. Whilst exploring the link between the two, a scientist unwittingly blows open a hole into another universe, which may end the world if the two protagonists don’t do something about it. The story is fantastic, and the visuals are something else, also a must play.

Detroit: Become Human

This is one of those genre-defining games, and in this case it’s the Quantic Dream genre being defined. The game explores a lot of things, such as android helpers fighting back, humanity leaking through in AI, and whether AIs should be given the same rights as humans. It’s very interesting to play, and will get you thinking about the deeper aspects of the future we’re heading to.

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