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Fallout Friday: EB Games Is Refunding Fallout 76 Purchases


EB Games, the company that owns retailer GameStop, is now offering refunds to any consumers who purchased Fallout 76 from their stores in Australia. The company is doing this because they are know acknowledging that they may have misled some of their consumers on their rights when it comes to faults with Fallout 76 specifically.

When Fallout 76 originally launched, it was a buggy mess. Allegedly, EB Games advices consumers that they were not entitled to a refund because of those faults, including issues with servers, and general bugs in the game. After complaining to the ACCC, it seems as though this was a complete falsehood.

Now EB Games is undertaking an effort to offer refunds to consumers who purchased Fallout 76 between November 14, 2018 and October 31, 2019. Quite simply this means that any consumer who was told that they couldn’t get a refund now can, and it’s all totally fine. As long as you held onto your copy of the game, you can return it for full price. Unfortunately I can see this leading to a lot of people returning the game for full price, and then buying a preowned copy, but that’s just the nature of this situation.

To get a refund you need to email the company here: by August 1, 2020.

It baffles me that EB Games would make such a claim about Fallout 76, telling consumers that they can’t get a refund, because it’s simply not the case. The game promised an experience that it didn’t live up to, and while that it’s EB Games’ fault, it is down to them to protect consumers and offer them the refund for the faulty product. Quite often retailers are able to recoup costs if products are recalled, but I imagine that this isn’t the case with games.

In the past, I’ve returned games when they were simply broken, even though the dic was fine. The Gamecube version of the first Spider-Man movie game had a bug in it that prevented you from moving past one level in particular. You simply became trapped in a burning building. I exchange the game for a new copy multiple times, and nothing changed. In the end, the retailer, GAME, allowed me to exchange it for a different game. This is how stores work, and if they tell you anything different, refer to consumer rights.

With all of this said, I think that Fallout 76 is in a great place now with Wastelanders. If you do have a copy, give it a try before returning it, you’ve got a month before you need to email EB Games.

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