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Valorant’s Closed Beta Had Some Ridiculous Stats


Valorant is out right now! Unless something has gone dreadfully wrong that is. The game’s closed beta ended last week, and the full launch was on June 2, 2020, but that’s not wha tI want to talk about. I want to discuss the closed beta, how many people played it, and all the other ridiculous stats around it.

The first stat that needs analysing is of course the daily player count that Valorant racked up during open beta. The game saw 3 million people logging in and playing per day at one point, which is the entire population of Armenia, or just below the total number of people in Mongolia. Considering how long the closed beta was available for, it’s likely that a good chunk of the Earth’s population could be made up with that daily player count. I don’t mean to say that every day saw 3 million new players, I just mean in the sense that if you added every player’s daily login together, that you’d see most of humanity by the end.

Moving on, Valorant’s closed beta was intrinsically linked with Twitch. In a genius move, Riot Games promoted the game with some big streamers all over Twitch, and had a program that let you get into the closed beta by watching a certain number of them. This felt more like paid promotion than anything, since Riot Games were actively driving viewers to streamers, who then may have gained money from that view. Regardless, the views were mental.

In the time that Valorant’s closed beta was live, it saw 470 million hours of content watched by viewers. That’s about 19.5 days of solidly watching Valorant for one person, which is the best part of a month. This is also the number or hours that the MareNostrum super computer has provided to European scientists working on a number of different projects.

At the highest point, 1.7 million people were all watching Valorant on Twitch at the same time, roughly the number of people in Bahrain, just behind Latvia. This was actually a new record for Twitch on concurrent viewership, showing that somehow there are still people out there who don’t use Twitch, and are just getting into it with new games like Valorant.

We love talking about stats on PowerupGaming, particularly how ridiculous they all are. If you enjoyed this weird look at the stats for Valorant’s closed beta, check out even more ridiculous stats here.

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