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Pyramid Head Is Coming To Dead By Daylight


Behaviour Interactive recently revealed the first new killer coming to their insanely popular 4V1 asymmetrical horror game, Dead by Daylight, after their fourth anniversary for the game. This new killer should be familiar, his name is Pyramid Head, and he’s incredibly powerful.

Silent Hill is a beloved franchise, the fans of which would scream bloody murder at Dead by Daylight’s developers if they hadn’t also added in some more Silent Hill content to legitimise his appearance. While Pyramid Head is the physical manifestation of a different character in the Silent Hill universe, adding in Heather Mason, arguably the queen of Silent Hill, should bring pretty much any monster to life. The game’s new map, Midwich Elementary School,  is also a core part of the Silent Hill universe, first visited in the original game by none good old Harry Mason, Heather’s father.

Dead by Daylight’s developers works with the creators of the iconic monsters they use in their game to ensure that it fits in terms of the game’s lore, and the lore of that franchise. The addition of Heather Mason, coupled with the location, is how this works here. Though I will add that the pair only met in the second, awful, Silent Hill movie, and this Pyramid Head appears to be based on that version of him.

While Pyramid Head is only available in the test server on PC right now, all of the Silent Hill content will launch to the public version of the game across all platforms on June 16. Personally I can’t wait to play as him, and run away from him. Dead by Daylight is a game that I haven’t tried yet, but this new update is going to see me get engrossed on a whole new level.

One of the things that makes this addition of Silent Hill into Dead by Daylight so interesting is the lore of Dead by Daylight itself. It has a series of Tomes, which are the game’s version of seasons, and they delve into the lore of each killer, each survivor, and why they’re all in this one shared universe. It’s like the horror universe of your dreams, but it all makes sense within the space of the game, meaning that you don’t need to lose your mind when killers like Pyramid Head come along.

Let us know what you think of the Silent Hill additions to Dead by Daylight in the comments. 

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