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Golden Light Is The Horror Rogulike You’ve Been Waiting For


When you first look at the cover art for Golden Light, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a mod for Dying Light. Even the title font looks somewhat similar. However, delve beneath the surface, and you’ll discover that Golden Light is in fact a very competent roguelike, one with its own sense of identity, a brand new world to explore and learn about, and some truly horrifying monsters. I first caught wind of the game from YouTuber Vinniesauce, who streamed it not too long ago. The video showed just how competent this game is, and I couldn’t resist looking into it further.

So what is Golden Light exactly? Well at the time of writing the game isn’t fully released yet, but from gameplay, and the details provided by the developer, we can ascertain quite a lot about it. This is a horror roguelike in which it seems as though enemies are hidden as objects around each procedurally generated level. You won’t realise when you’re coming across one of these enemies, and they could well destroy you if you don’t have a weapon.

The game’s story sees you descend into a place called The Gut in search of your love. That’s all there is to it. The game then creates a series of levels, called floors here, for you to work through. In each floor you’ll find items that might help or hinder you, but they all have an effect. Fish Heads heal, but other items will set you on fire or poison you. An axe is great for killing enemies, but a knife is better for opening doors. In a similar way to how The Binding Of Isaac forces you to learn each item’s effect by using it, Golden Light won’t spell anything out to you.

The game is built around the idea that you’ll die, and then need to restart. you can acquire gold and key items that will stay with you through death, but everything else goes. Hopefully this helps the game maintain that sense of urgency and hardship, without it being too challenging to actually work through.

I’m quite excited to get my hands on Golden Light and play it for myself. I love the world and the overall concept. You can grab an early demo right here if you’re interested. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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