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The Last Of Us Part 2 Gets A Painting In Germany


The Last Of Us Part 2 is out in a little over one week, and we couldn’t be more excited. While there’s probably enough marketing going on online for the game, Sony has taken things one step further with a massive painting in Germany. The painting takes up the entire side of a building, and while it still has a space for the game’s name, it’s incredibly impressive just as it is.


Sony is really pushing The Last Of Us Part 2, and why shouldn’t they? The original game was critically-acclaimed, and definitely redefined what storytelling within a game was. Its biggest influence was the way in which it changed how developers approach storytelling and character development in their games.

Prior to the first game’s release, story and character development would pretty much only take place in cutscenes. Now however, we have loads of different methods being used. Most of these take inspiration from the small, quieter moments in The Last Of Us, where Joel and Ellie will simply talk about things in the world. It was simple, yet incredibly powerful at the time.

Naughty Dog seems to think that they’ve gone forward by yet another step with The Last Of Us Part 2. Already we can see that the in-game prompts for storytelling moments will probably be coming back, there’s too much scenery n0t to, and there are quite a few moments when Ellie is with another character.

I think that Naughty Dog will be doing more with Ellie’s inner thoughts though. With Joel they felt clunky, but with Ellie, and this new world, I think that they can take things much further than they ever have before. The Last Of Us Part 2 is, at its core, a story that the developers felt needed to be told. Gameplay has been built around it, but there is a story here that we’ll be following from beginning to end.

This picture that Sony has put up does more than just market the game. It shows the dilapidated world, it shows Ellie, now a woman, and it shows a quiet moment that is very rare in that world. The marketing alone is so powerful, so I can’t wait to see how powerful the game ends up being.

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