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Why I’m Excited About Death Loop


Death Loop got its first show of gameplay during last week’s PlayStation 5 livestream event. The game was hidden in amongst some of the best-looking titles I’ve seen all year, but it really stood out to me for a few different reasons. That’s why I’m so bloody excited for it.

Arkane Studios Makes TimeSplitters


I can’t pin this point down too much, because it’s very hard to get across what I mean when you haven’t played the TimeSplitters games. Death Loop uses time as a key mechanic. You’re running around various levels trying to kill a boss, but if you die, the level resets. There are also various sci-fi pieces of tech and abilities on show, such as telekinesis, all of which reek of the TimeSplitters games. Just watching the gameplay video, I was taken back to the hundreds of hours that I poured into TimeSplitters for nothing more than experiencing the level design over and over again. I know those games inside and out, and Death Loop feels like it fits right in with them.

Dishonored And Prey Come Together


It’s impossible to see Death Loop and not recognise some of the DNA from both Prey and Dishonored. There’s a Bink-like teleportation ability, and the technology has the same look and feel to it as the items you pick up and use in Prey. I can’t explain why this is, bunch my hunch is that the games are all part of a shared universe somehow. With all the mad stuff going on in Prey, scientists could have very easily cut a hole through to the dimension that Dishonored takes place in, and the resulting clash could have caused a cataclysmic event that resulted in Death Loop. I’m so interested in how the universe works, and I can’t wait to find out when I get my hands on the game.



All of Arkane Studios’ games have a satisfying gameplay loop that revolve around fair and visceral shooting or melee combat. Their games have been some of the best that I’ve played this generation, and I think that Death Loop is going to bring all of that into the next-generation of gaming with a big old bang. Even DOOM doesn’t feel as good to play as Dishonored or Prey, and I know that’s a subjective take, but it’s one that I’d argue most people will agree with.

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