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Horizon Forbidden West Sees The Return Of Aloy


Sony’s PlayStation 5 livestream event last week was full of awesome games, one of which was Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn. The game returns to this incredible world where machines wander the ruins of humanity 1,000 years after we’re almost entirely gone. As tribes, we eke out an existence, but now something looks to threaten that existence, and humanity is a part of it.

In Horizon: Zero Dawn we got to go on an incredibly personal journey with protagonist Aloy. She didn’t know who she was, but by the end of the game it really doesn’t matter, because she knows that she’s part of the world that she finds herself in. The game’s sequel sees Aloy continue to not care about fitting in, exploring the ruins of mankind in search for a cure to the corruption that is now so toxic that it is killing off organic life all over the planet.

It looks as though Aloy is heading to the west coast of North America. The two struts of the destroyed bridge that we see are almost certainly San Fransisco, but a huge amount of the city has been flooded. The corruption is present here, but it’s not clear if this is precisely where it’s coming from. A group is still spreading the corruption to machines, and they’re using those machines as weapons in various battles. This feels like it’s going to be a journey that sees Aloy come up against someone truly evil, or something especially toxic in the machine world.

I haven’t finished the first game, but I’m definitely going to now that I know there’s a sequel I’m desperate to play. I think that the series has some really clever ideas, but I also love that they’re PlayStation exclusives, not counting the PC release. These games bring out worlds that are aching to be explored, with loads of interesting stories to uncover and take part in. I really want to know how Guerrilla have iterated on the organic machines that they created for the first game. As soon as there are details available, you can bet that we’ll be talking about them here.

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