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Why I’m Excited About Hitman 3


Io Interactive has revealed Hitman 3. It’s going to be the final game in the Agent 47 reboot trilogy, and while it is sad to know that, I’m still unbelievably excited for this game. The rebooted Hitman series got off to a rocky start, but with the success of Hitman 2, it has reinvigorated the series that very nearly lost its way thanks to publisher input.

The first Hitman in this reboot trilogy was an episodic masterpiece. The combination of the missions with the openness of the Escalation modes and the contracts you could create yourself was absolutely sensational. The issue was that it was episodic. The game saw a huge number of purchases for the first episode, but players who didn’t pick up the season pass never got into anything other than that first episode. This led to Square Enix trying to sell IO Interactive, who eventually managed to buy themselves out and go independent.

Hitman 3 built upon what was there in the last game, but you had to buy it all at once. That was the key to really selling people on the new series. Now that players were getting through all of the missions on offer, plus the additional content added for free, and created by other players, they could all see just how great it is.

Hitman 3 is going to iterate on the new Hitman formula once again, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. So far we know that Agent 47 is going to be up above the clouds on a skyscraper in Dubai, but I suspect that every other location will be just as awe-inspiring.

Hitman 2 also had a version of multiplayer that never quite got refined enough to be truly enjoyable. With Hitman 3 I think that multiplayer will be reworked, and it will be a lot of fun. I also think that there’s some serious scope for ghost modes, trying to outdo someone in a contract by working against their ghost, but we’ll have to wait and see if that pans out as well.

Hitman 3 could be a game that goes on for years to come. IO Interactive is going to release it for both generations of consoles, I imagine, which will open up the player base exponentially. It should also have an advantage as one of the biggest games with a standard price on the market at the time. I’m really, truly excited for this game, and I can’t wait to see where Io Interactive takes it.

Sometimes we’re just so excited about a game that we simply can’t help but write about it. If you enjoyed this little look into why I’m super pumped for Hitman 3, then read some more opinionated articles here.

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