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Golf On Mars Is The Sequel To Desert Golf


Desert Golf was a weird and wonderful game when it first launched for mobile devices. After seeing a port to Steam, it only grew in popularity. The draw of the game was the seemingly endless run of levels that were available. No matter how many hole in ones you managed to get, you’d just see a new level, until you got an impossible one that is. However, after a patch that actually added a proper ending to the game, fans were finally satisfied that they had a goal to work towards and call it a day at. Now, there’s a sequel, Golf on Mars.

Golf on Mars is a direct sequel to Desert Golf, and it’s basically the exact same game. Some improvements have been made though. For example, the game’s levels are not procedurally generated. Instead, there are 26 billion possible levels that you can get in a game, but your overall game will be generated at the start, and will be unique to you. This is possible because there are 24,000 years worth of levels to complete, which is an insane amount.

It has also been confirmed that this game does actually have an ending, unlike the original. Playing through thousands of holes with no end in sight doesn’t sound like fun, but when you know you have an end point, it almost adds more weight to each and every level completion you get through.

I’m excited by this game because the first one was such a gem. What seemed to be more of a game jam result than anything else actually turned out to be a great way to clear your mind. There’s nothing in the background of either of these games to distract you from what you’re trying to do, get a ball in a hole, but there are subtle changes over the course of time. By the end of Desert Golf you’d be contemplating humanity’s place in the universe. I can’t wait to get stuck into Golf on Mars and start thinking about all the other unnecessary things that my brain will access while I attempt each hole at least one hundred times.

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