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State Of Decay Green Zone Is The Peaceful New Game Mode Zombie Games Need


Undead Labs has made a couple of announcements regarding State of Decay 2 that we should all be very excited about. The first is that the game is getting a Sea of Thieves inspired content pack. It adds in a lot of new stuff, including a Megalodon car, and is the first content pack for the game that has been build entirely from home. It looks like it will be a fun new addition to the game, but really it’s Green Zone, the new difficulty mode, that will change the game for everyone.

state of decay sea of thieves

Green Zone is a new, easier, difficulty mode for State of Decay 2 that will launch this week. It makes a lot of changes to the game that will make it a lot easier to play, but also a lot more enjoyable if you’re after a slower experience. Zombies will be less attracted to noise for one thing, characters will have more stamina, and resources will be way more plentiful. This game mode is definitely more for players like me, who want to spend more time surviving and rebuilding society than they do out in the world fighting zombies, and barely surviving.

It’s not that the other game modes are too difficult or unenjoyable, it’s more that there aren’t any zombie games out there that present this sort of a world and make it possible to avoid almost every zombie. The primary focus in any zombie apocalypse is survival, which is why I think that Green Zone is so important. Now we can all focus on building up our bases around the map, and gathering more survivors to help out with every job that needs doing. It will also be easier to defend against any hordes because they’ll be much closer to those found in the universe of The Walking Dead.

I think that this new game mode is a really great addition to State of Decay 2. It’s even better when you think about the fact that this game is also coming to Xbox Series X, meaning that it’s well worth playing for a good few years yet.

Let us know if you’re looking forward to the new Green Zone difficulty mode in the comments. 

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