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Pay Attention To The Flashbacks In The Last Of Us Part 2


The Last Of Us Part 2 has flashbacks. This is your one and only warning for this article that I will probably SPOIL something for anyone who hasn’t played the game. There are some very easy ways to give stuff away that are probably going to happen as you read on, so if you want to totally avoid SPOILERS, don’t read this article.

Flashbacks In The Last Of Us Part 2

With the spoiler warning out of the way, let’s get into why it’s so important that you pay extra attention to these flashbacks. Sometimes these are memories that we’ll watch in-between big sections of gameplay, and sometimes they’re intractable gameplay segments themselves. I’m really enjoying myself by taking the game slowly, but I also think that by doing that, I’ve been able to enjoy these flashbacks so much more, and notice how they tie into the overarching story a little better.

In these flashbacks we get a chance to see how things played out between Joel and Ellie in the gap between the end of the first game, and the start of this one. It’s so nice to be able to see how their relationship developed, because there’s no explanation at the start of the game. Everything just sort of starts. It feels like meeting up with an old group of friends, but some of them leave before you have a chance to speak to them properly. These flashbacks are those intense conversations about what you’ve both been up to though.

One flashback in particular, the one that starts with Ellie using Tommy’s sniper rifle, tells you more than you might think. At the end of this flashback we see Joel sticking to his guns, insisting on a lie even though he knows that it’s wrong. He must also know that Ellie knows he’s lying on some level. Joel keeps pushing through doing his dark stuff, even though it’s slowly hurting everyone around him. In the very next scene, set in the present day, Ellie then does something similar with Dina. It’s subtle, and some people may never pick up on it, but I think it sows just how she’s slowly realising why Joel did what he did. Because of love.

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