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There Are A Lot Of New Cyberpunk 2077 Details Out There


Last week CD Projekt Red held their first Night City Wire event. These events are short episodes that showcase some of the developer’s upcoming game, Cyberpunk 2077. After last week’s first episode, we have a lot of details to check out, some of which weren’t even part of the actual event. The first big thing that you need to get under your belt is the new story trailer. If you’re worried about spoilers, don’t be, it’s purely for the game’s prologue mission.

The episode itself went through some of the quest’s details, and even the gameplay mechanics that we’ll be getting to grips with. It was interesting to see the game in action at this point, so much later on in development that it was the last time that a big gameplay showcase took place.

On top of the actual event itself, press outlets around the internet have been sharing their hands on experiences with the game. In fact, Kotaku Australia uploaded their entire gameplay session with no commentary at all. I think it’s probably the best example of gameplay that you could hope to see, since it isn’t cut down, and has no audio overlaid on top of the in-game sounds.

The gameplay shown barely even scratched the surface of what there is in this game. A kay part of playing is choosing where to allocate your skill points at the start, and what sort of a backstory you have. These are elements that have been brought over from the pen and paper RPG, and they’re so robust that they actually look like an improvement on open world RPGs.

More than anything, this first episode of Night City Wire showed me that there is so much more to this game that I thought last year. It appears to be huge, and not just in terms of size, but also the depth of the city’s detail, and in how each mission can be played out differently. It looks very much like a Deus Ex game, but with almost every restriction completely removed to allow players to do whatever they want.

Let us know if you tuned in, and what you thought, in the comments. 

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