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Fallout Friday – Fallout 76 Season 1 Has Begun


This week saw the start of Fallout 76 Season 1. In a much smaller way than Wastelanders was, Fallout 76 Season 1 is a big change for the game’s player base. It completely changes the way they’ll be thinking about playing forever, and makes the game much more in line with other similar titles that use season passes, such as Fortnite and Destiny 2. In a way this is good, because it rewards MMO players for their time, but it can also be incredibly toxic if done incorrectly.

With Fallout 76 Season 1, all players gain access to the season pass, but in the future it looks like Fallout 1st subscribers will get something extra on top. Every level of the pass has a reward, making it well worth doing what’s needed to upgrade it. This is a bit of a weird system, when all other games have premium and free paths for their season passes, but I think that’s just because Bethesda is trying to win back some brownie points with fans.

The reaction from players to this season pass is mixed. Some love the new systems being added in with it, but others are wary of restricting content to a season pass. Some of the items in the season pass will never be available again, unless they’re part of the premium Atomic Shop offering, which will make the game incredibly frustrating for those who want to collect everything.

Bungie has recently announced a change with the Destiny 2 season pass because of an issue with players not being able to get everything each season. The game creates a sort of fear of missing out, which puts some players off, and makes others believe that they have to play and get every rank in the season. This sometimes reaches toxic levels, and pushes players away from what may have been their favourite game.

With Fallout 76, I think more content can only be good. Wastelanders added a lot of new content to work through in the game, but it needs a constant flow of things to do to keep it interesting. This season is a proving ground for Fallout 76, and it needs to go well if Bethesda are to make it work long term.

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