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Will Ubisoft Discuss Rainbow Six Quarantine This Week?


Ubisoft has said nothing about Rainbow Six Quarantine since they announced that it was being delayed. The game was due to launch earlier this year, but just before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic struck, they delayed both it and Watch Dogs Legion. It’s possible that the teams working on these games saw that they needed to move to working from home, and so thought that delaying them was the best course, but it has been a very long time since then and we still have no details.

Rainbow Six Quarantine was announced at E3 2019. The game seems to take the PVE event that was part of Rainbow Six Siege and make it into its own fully fledged release. All we know is that there will be some kind of outbreak, or a few of them, and players will be taking on enemies as they work as teams to rescue people within the quarantine zones, contain outbreaks, and probably blow a few things up when necessary.

Given just how popular Rainbow Six Siege is, I’d say that Rainbow Six Quarantine could only be as popular, if not more. The game is set to star the Operators from Rainbow Six Siege, which would mean that we could even be using their abilities as we push through and try to fight whatever diseases the game has in store.

Ubisoft Forward is set to take place this Sunday, and is going to see a whole host of different games. What hasn’t been listed just yet is Rainbow Six Quarantine, but there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be. Watch Dogs Legion is part of the event, so surely this game should be as well.

I think that we may be hit with a surprise release date within the next month or so during Ubisoft forward. The company has had plenty of time to work on the games and get them to the point that they’re ready, without anyone hassling them for too many details. If they announced that they were launching on the day, it would blow the gamine industry’s collective mind, and I think that Ubisoft would absolutely love to do that.

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