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With Thronebreaker Coming To iOS, is CD Projekt Red Working On The Witcher Franchise Again?


Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, has just launched for iOS devices. It’s a fantastic game that tells a tale within the universe of The Witcher games, but it doesn’t star Geralt of Rivia as the protagonist. Instead, players take on an unknown character, and work their way through a carefully crafted tale using a combination of game mechanics to fight and advance, including Gwent! I’d thought that CD Projekt Red had abandoned The Witcher Tales series because we’d heard nothing since the PC and console releases, but now it looks like they’re continuing support for it, and maybe even working on something new.

The Witcher Tales was set to be a brand new franchise in the universe of The Witcher games. CD Projekt Red initially started it as a way to expand upon Gwent, but the popular card game is now a fully-fledged digital release of its own. As a result, The Witcher Tales was going to become a much more narrative-driven series, expanding the universe without getting in Geralt’s way.

However, after the launch of the first game, things went pretty quiet. CD Projekt Red had said that they wanted to continue with it, but then they never acted on it, as far as we knew. With the launch of this iOS version of Thronebreaker, the developer is expanding the game’s reach to one of the biggest markets on the planet, mobile gamers. This should provide those without consoles, or even an interest in games, with a way to get stuck into The Witcher like never before.

I don’t see why CD Projekt Red would bother with an iOS port if they weren’t gearing up to expand The Witcher Tales series. They’ve had plenty of time to do this, but for some reason they’re only getting around to it just under two years after the original version launched. If anything, iOS versions are easier to develop than console versions, so it screams that something big and new for The Witcher Tales is on the way.

If you loved Thronebreaker, and want more of The Witcher Tales, let us know about it in the comments. 

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