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Far Cry 6 Officially Revealed


Ubisoft Forward aired over the weekend, and while the event didn’t give us much detail to go on for this particular project, it did announce it in an official capacity. Far Cry 6 is now definitely a thing, and it stars Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito as El Presidente, the dictator ruling over the island that the game is set on.

Outside of the cinematic trailer, there was a PlayStation Store page leak that occurred earlier in the week. It explains that players take on the role of a single freedom fighter in the wake of a revolution that has sparked on Yala, this island that it ruled over with an iron fist.

We’ve had no details on the gameplay just yet, but from the trailer I think it’s safe to say that fire is going to be a big part of it. The collector’s edition of the game also comes with a replica of the in-game flamethrower, suggesting that the weapon will be one that players spend quite a lot of time with.

The Far Cry series has always had fantastic fire physics, and Far Cry 6 will probably be no different. Fire is a useful tool for guerrilla fighters, which these revolutionaries no doubt will be, because it can cause loads of damage with very little actual effort. Throwing a molotov into a building will ignite it, and potentially bring it down if it’s left for long enough. You can also use it to burn the crops that feed the wealthy and oppressive, meaning that they’ll be forced out, or forced to retaliate.

I think that the casting of Giancarlo Esposito as El Presidente is quite intersting. Each new Far Cry game has focused on a type of madness in the ruler of the area. In Far Cry 3 we saw that Vaas was basically completely unhinged, and in Far Cry 4 we had a ruler who had no grip on reality. In Far Cry 5 a religious cult went too far, and now in Far Cry 6 a dictator has pushed his people too far. I think that this game will show a different kind of madness, an intelligence that has been pushed by fear into forcing people to love it, rather than using love to persuade people to do what it desires. This villain, more than any other, will toe the line between right and wrong.

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