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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Getting A Huge Upgrade With AI Teammates


Ubisoft revealed a lot of awesome news during their recent Ubisoft Forward livetsream. However, none of it was more exciting to me than the announcement of AI teammates in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The game is built to be played with others, even though it is great fun by yourself, but now it can be enjoyed as intended without the need to hook up with three other randoms online.

As you can see, AI teammates is a huge update to the game. You can customise every teammate as much as you can with your own character, though they will retain their own weapon sets. However, it’s possible to use the gunsmith feature on those weapons, so you can really gear them towards a specific type of soldier, instead of leaving them to their own devices.

What I think is probably the best part about this update is how players can order their squad around. This is a feature in a few other games, but it feels massively underutilised. Even through your drone or binoculars, you can pick a point in the distance and order your squad to run there and take cover. They’ll alert you to any enemies they come across, giving you an opportunity to scope out the area, and make it possible for you to uncover just how many enemies you’re up against without having to pilot your drone around for a good hour first.

This update hits the game today, and the free weekend starts tomorrow. This is the perfect time to jump in and try out Ghost Recon Breakpoint, because it’ll give you an awesome overview of how much fun it is to play with all of these options now available to you. As if all of this weren’t enough though, there’s a big new live event hitting the game this weekend too.

This live event looks as though it’ll see all Ghosts pushing back against the enemy in Auroa, and fighting alongside the rebels. This should change the landscape a bit from what you’re used to seeing. For those experiencing the free weekend, this will be just a taste of how good the game can be when you really lean into the bigger missions. For anyone that loves military shooters, tactics, and stealth, this is a weekend to be excited about.

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