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King Of Seas Is A Pirate RPG Sailing Onto Switch


King of Seas is my latest pirate game obsession. The game is planned for a PC and Nintendo Switch release, and it looks like it’ll be one of those games that just sucks up hours and hours of your time. Right now it has no planned release date, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth gawking at here.

King of Seas is set in a deadly, procedurally generated world. It seems to tell a well known pirate’s tale, regaining what was taken from you and ultimately conquering the seas. There’s a lot to explore and uncover, and loads of pirates to take on and destroy in what might be the most unique pirate game I’ve ever seen. It looks a lot like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, but without the sections on land.

Part of the world is always refreshing. This seems to be part of an effort to keep the areas you’ve explored constantly changing. This makes sense, because pirates would always be moving from one location to another, so you may come across someone new the next time you venture into familiar territory.

The game has a huge amount of depth to it. There are three skill trees for the combat alone. You could leave everything you want behind and just become a merchant, trading with every settlement you come across, or you could rise through the ranks to become the most notorious pirate around.

King of Seas sounds like the single player version of Skull & Bones, at least what that game was originally intended to be. It looks like it’ll dive into the mythology surrounding pirates and provide meaningful gameplay aspects based on them. This is great, because there’s only really one other great pirate game out there right now, Sea of Thieves.

With King of Seas coming to Nintendo Switch, it makes it the perfect partner for long journeys. This is a game that you could easily sink hours into, and one that I’d suggest you do just that with. There’s nothing better than winning a tough battle out at sea, particularly one that’s been going on for a good half and hour or so. I can’t wait to get stuck into these procedurally generated waters.

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