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Sea Of Thieves Hits 15 Million Players


Sea of Thieves launched for Xbox One back in 2018. Since then the game has gained a huge number of players, which has culminated in 15 million as of this week. Although it’s important to remember that this is just 15 million players for the game so far.

January of this year saw the game hit 10 million players, a colossal milestone that is worthy of celebrating for any game. However, in just six or so months, the game has added half of that again. This is an astonishing achievement, and I think it’s a testament to how appealing the game has become over the years.

When Sea of Thieves first launched, it was technically more of an early access game. Not many people liked it, but they played it because it was free for a period of time. Now that it’s part of the Xbox Games Pass, more people play it because they just have access to it regardless. It wouldn’t make sense to avoid it, so most subscribers play a little of it every now and then.

There have been two major contributors tho this massive increase of 5 million players in 2020 though. The first is the game’s launch on Steam. This opened the game up to millions of more players, allowing PC gamers and Xbox gamers to get together in the oceans that Rare have created. So many PC gamers have wanted to play this game ever since it first launched, and now it’s finally living up to the scope that Rare set out for it.

The second big contributor to the game’s success is the coronavirus. People have been turning to indoor forms of entertainment while they’ve been locked up indoors, avoiding the mess that the pandemic has made of the world. While games in general have all seen some sort of a boost, it’s social games like Sea of Thieves that have really helped out. People can play together, talk to each other, and they’re free to have fun and mess around, as they could if they met up in real life. The game really has been a safe haven for many during this pandemic, and now it seems like it’ll be the home for more social interactions as time goes on.

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