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Destroy All Humans! Lost Mission Revealed


Destroy All Humans! One Giant Step On Mankind is the remake of the classic Destroy All Humans! I played the first game through twice, collecting 100% of all items each time. I loved it so much. It was the first semi-open world game to put you in the boots of an alien at the time when America was obsessed with reports of them. It leant into all the stereotypes of the 1950s, and I still think that it’s a cracking game to this day. This week THQ Nordic revealed that a mission that never made it into the first game is actually part of this remake, and I couldn’t be more excited to play it.

The mission was found in the game’s files whilst the remake was being developed. It was clearly started by Pandemic Studios, but they either didn’t have time to finish it, or it was canned for some other reason that we may never know. Looking at the trailer, I can remember thinking that there was something missing from the original game, a discrepancy between cutscenes and gameplay, and I think this is the mission that ties it all together.

The cutscene I’m thinking of shows an army general watching as a soldier tests out what looks like a UFO hovercraft. I think it’s based on this very real project that the US army took over in the 1950s.

The hovercraft ends up blowing up in the game, and then the protagonist Crypto suddenly jumps to a mission that takes place much further in the future. The hovercraft isn’t there, and everyone seems to have forgotten about it. I’d love to jump in and find out what this mission is, and I hope that it does my anticipation justice when the game launches on July 28.

Destroy All Humans! was a great game at the time it first came out. However, the sequel, and the rest of the series, never managed to capture the same sense of originality. They didn’t iterate enough on the formula introduced in that first game, and the series became stale and hated as a result. By the time a PlayStation 3 release came along, it was too late to save the series. Hopefully this remake can revitalise the series, and be the first of the entire franchise being remade.

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