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Fault Is Another Paragon Inspired Remake


Recently I covered a Paragon inspired MOBA called Predecessor. That game is just starting out in closed alpha with a few players who are passionate about the genre. It looks like a fantastic game, and will even include Paragon characters as cosmetics in the future, the developers hope. Now however, I’ve come across another Paragon inspired MOBA, Fault. This one’s in early access, and looks pretty bloody polished too.

As you can see, the game is definitely inspired by Paragon, and is even touted as a Paragon remake. The game draws heavy inspiration from Epic Games’ now dead MOBA, but it’s looking to slowly build up to being the Paragon that never was. I imagine that this is also what the developers of Predecessor want to do, it’s just Fault is much farther ahead. At least that’s what it looks like.

A quick look at the game’s Steam page shows a mixed result on the review front. Most of the issues appear to be with the game not being very finished, animations bugging out, and gameplay not feeling right. All of this is to be expected with an early access game though, at least in my mind. Unfortunately it looks like a lot of other people are looking for a finished experience from a game that’s in development.

What I’m most curious about with this game is the fact that it’s the second Paragon inspired MOBA I’ve come across in about one month. Why did Paragon fail if so many people wanted to play it? I think the answer lies in the way that Epic Games monetised Paragon. They had a selection of founder packs available for purchase, as well as a premium currency for buying new skins and characters. The game launched at a time when developers didn’t have a norm for in-game currency, and how to properly monetise their games. Most games at the time barely even had monetisation, so it was seen as a sort of black sheep.

Now however, monetisation is expected in games based online, ones that will see updates over time. Maybe with the change in how games are expected to be monetised, these Paragon remakes can finally bring the incredible game back in some form.

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