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Under Looks Absolutely Terrifying


Under is a terrifying first person horror game that’s due out later this year. You play as a WW1 veteran in the early 20th century. Whilst on an oceanliner, the ship suddenly begins to sink. You need to escape before you drown, but you’re not the only one aboard, and not everyone is friendly.

I think the thing that separates Under from a lot of other first person horror games for me is the fact that it’s devoid of any dialogue, at least in the trailer. Usually we get a lot of world building in first person horror games. It helps to build the atmosphere, and put the player at ease in the beginning. Under looks to be different, at least in this stage of development. No one talks you through what’s going on, and it’s pretty obvious why. The ship is sinking, and you need to escape. Nothing else needs context.

Now there are some crazy looking people on this ship. They’re disproportionally tall, and I think that must have something to do with the WW1 veteran side of things. As a WW1 veteran, this character almost certainly has some PTSD, and in a stressful situation like this, it’s going to come out. I wouldn’t be surprised if these beings are actually people trying to help the veteran, but they just can’t see them that way because of the trauma they’ve experienced.

It looks like we’ll have to work our way out of the oceanliner through clear corridors at first, but then dive into flooded ones as the ship sinks deeper into the ocean. I also wonder whether there’s a mechanic at play that means that the ship will continue to fill with water over a set period of time. This would make it so that players need to escape in time, forcing them to feel the panic that would be very real in this situation.

I can’t help but wonder if Under will be too much for some people. I think the thought of drowning on a ship would be enough to put me on edge. Those creepy people though, they’re going to give me nightmares for a good long while.

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