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Nuclear Disarmament Achieved In MGS5 On PlayStation 3


A cutscene that actually leaked a few years ago, thanks to some numpty at Konami, has finally been legitimately earned. The following cutscene is earned when a heck of a lot of nukes has been disarmed, and it’s all part of the global community effort. Given how small the install base for the game on PlayStation 3 is, it’s surprising that this cutscene was triggered there at all. Here it is in all its glory.

This cutscene was originally triggered on the PC version of the game, but it wasn’t legitimate. There were actually so many nukes built in the game that it triggered the counter to roll back over to zero, and then the cutscene was revealed for all. Now though, PlayStation 3 players have all disarmed a tremendous amount of bombs, leading to the sort of world peace that we’re currently enjoying.

I really love this cutscene, because it took five years of work for players even to get it. This is something that you’d only find in a game made by Hideo Kojima, a reward that players can earn if they stick with the game and try to complete everything set out for them to do. It’s mind-boggling to see a team of developers put in so much effort for something that might have never even been earned at one stage.

This cutscene gives me hope that one day the Metal Gear Solid franchise will be reborn with a new visionary at the helm. Whatever happened between Konami and Kojima is never going to end, it’s a conflict that has seen an incredible director ripped away from one of the best things that he’s ever made. Kojima is working on better things now though, which Death Stranding has proved. He’s also working on a new horror title, and I’m sure that’s going to be just as insane and popular.

When it comes to Metal Gear Solid though, I think that it’s just a matter of time before we see Konami getting someone in to revitalise the series and continue it. Hopefully we’ll one day get an MGS6, but for now this is a satisfying conclusion of sorts for the franchise as it stands. Just don’t think about Metal Gear Survive.

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