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Early Impressions Of Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a brand new shooter from Hi-Rez Studios. It launched recently across all major platforms, including Nintendo Switch, and features full crossplay between all of them. Whilst the premise is pretty damn impressive, the execution leaves a lot to be desired, but overall I think that this game has got legs, and it’s running in the right direction.

Never Alone

The thing that I have been most impressed with in Rogue Company so far is just how many players there are in each match. Considering that outside of press, this is a fairly expensive game to get into, there are always enough people to fill up a match. Not everyone knows exactly what they’re doing, but that’s all part of learning how to play a new game. Thankfully Rogue Company has a limited number of game modes available for now. Outside of the core deathmatch mode you’re used to, with an elimination twist, there are two modes that see you defend an area from being bombed, or planting a bomb yourself. None of these are particularly innovative, but the flow of combat feels great thanks to the number of players.

Work In Progress


Eventually Rogue Company will be free-to-play. Right now it is not though, and you need to spend at least £10 in order to get in on it. You are rewarded with some additional cosmetics for this price, but I can’t help that feel this is only going to damage the game’s reputation in the long run. There are a few bugs and glitches in the game that I also think everyone would be more forgiving of if you didn’t need to spend money in order to get into it. For example, things as simple as text labels have been added incorrectly, and there are points where no music plays at all, making you feel like the game has broken in your hands.

Fun And Frantic

When it comes down to the moment to moment gameplay, Rogue Company is a lot of fun. The movement is great, and the shooting is really satisfying, particularly on the Nintendo Switch. I wasn’t expecting to be as impressed by this game as I have been, and I think it’s only gong to get better as we move forward. There’s something special about the blend of unique characters and abilities with the openness of each map, and the almost MOBA-like gameplay that needs to be honed if you want to win. This game is something very different, but I don’t think anyone will truly appreciate it until it’s free.

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