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Rainbow Six Siege: Mute Protocol Looks Awesome


Ubisoft has revealed the latest in-game event for Rainbow Six Siege, Mute Protocol. This is yet another event that completely bends the traditional rules of Rainbow Six Siege, and will see players fighting to understand just what the heck is going on. Just from this trailer alone I know that I’m going to be confused, but I’m still extremely excited to get in there and give it a go.

So what exactly is Mute Protocol? Well, it’s a series of matches set on a futuristic version of the Tower map. Here, Mute is attempting to overtake the tower, or the world, or something. There are two teams, one attacking, and one defending, and they all have the ability to teleport. Using their new abilities, players will need to fool enemies into thinking they’re somewhere that they aren’t, allowing them to pop up and surprise them with some truly fantastic kills.

I really don’t think that this event is going to be about the game mode though. Even though the gameplay sounds and looks fantastic, I think that what players will want here is the cosmetic loot. As with all events, this one brings a host of new cosmetics to buy and earn, and they’re all themed around a unique 80s sci-fi setting. These really do look like the Operators you’d see if James Cameron was directing the game forty years ago or so.

I can’t believe how great Ubisoft is at consistently providing new awesome ways to play their old games, but this one is probably my favourite to date. I’ve been keeping a close eye on Rainbow Six Siege, and everything new that crops up just makes me want to play it even more. Whilst the company may be going through some turmoil right now, as it rightly should be judging from the allegations, it’s nice to see that the games aren’t suffering.

I’ll be spending a lot of time in Mute Protocol while it’s live, between August 4 and 17, and will report back with my findings on just how good it feels to play. Writing just before I jump into the event though, I feel like this is going to be something that keeps my attention for a long time.

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