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Apex Legends Season 6 Drops In Two Weeks


Respawn Entertainment has revealed Season 6 for Apex Legends, and it’s getting me all geared up to try and become one of the best players in the game all over again. There’s a new Legend, a new weapon, the map is getting mixed up, but there could also be more that we don’t know just yet.

Apex Legends is a phenomenal game. I’ve attempted to become one of the best players in the game before, but I am terrible. With season 6 though I might try again, because there could be more to this season than we know.

Previously Respawn Entertainment has confirmed a few things. First, they’ve said that the game will come to Switch, second that it will also come to Steam, and third that it will have crossplay when both of those things also happen. The only thing we know about the Switch version is that it’s coming at some point this year, probably this Fall, but I think that we might see it when season 6 launches, on August 18.

Think about it. This is a big new seasonal launch. There will be loads of players returning to the game who have lapsed, and there will also be a host of new players joining in because of this new season’s start. This is the perfect time to implement crossplay, and launch the Steam and Switch versions of the game. The sheer number of people who are just waiting for these versions would be enough to justify the launch.

Granted, the coronavirus has forced all game companies to send their employees home. Working on a game from home can’t be easy, in fact I bet it’s near impossible. However, if the developers have somehow managed to pull everything together for the launch of the next season, then they might have done something for the Switch or Steam version of the game too.

It might be safer to wait until everyone can be in the same office to launch an update like this, but when exactly will that be? In my mind, Respawn Entertainment needs to launch all of these things with season 6, there’s just no better time to do it, with so many people screaming out for new content. Particularly on their Nintendo Switch.

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