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Control An Alan Wake Are Coming Together


As part of last week’s State of Play, Remedy Entertainment revealed the next expansion for their latest mystery game, Control. This expansion is called AWE, which many are taking to mean Alan Wake Expansion, because the author himself appears right at the end of the trailer. To top things off, it launches on August 27.

There are actually quite a few references to Alan Wake if you pay close attention. There’s a symbol that appears in the Alan Wake games, and the reference to staying in the light is a complete rip from the games. The enemies in Alan Wake need to be defeated using light, and being in total darkness will see the player die.

It has been a good long time since we’ve seen Alan Wake in a game, but now it looks like Remedy Entertainment wants to bring these two worlds together in an official capacity. There have always been hints in Control that reference the Alan Wake games, but this crossover will be the official confirmation needed to show that they’re actually part of the same universe.

As for where this expansion could take players, I’m just not sure. Control is a very complex game, but it’s also quite open in the sense that you could justify pretty much anything within its lore. I reckon we’ll see Remedy Entertainment discussing the events that took place in the Alan Wake games, using them as a way to push these worlds closer and closer together. I think what we may see, judging from the art in the trailer alone, is Jesse Faden moving into Alan Wake’s nightmarish world, and Alan Wake crossing into The Oldest House.

I still have no clue as to where that sort of a story would go. I think what would make the most sense though, is seeing both characters fighting the enemies they have no idea about in these brand new areas to them. Eventually, once they’ve both completed a goal, or murdered a giant foe, they’ll meet, before crossing back to their own locations. It wouldn’t be control without some weird twist though, so maybe the reason Alan Wake hasn’t been seen is because he’s trapped in an object somewhere within The Oldest House, or just locked behind a door that shouldn’t ever be opened.

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