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Injustice Gods Among Us 3 Is Being Teased With Watchmen Imagery


Injustice Gods Among Us is a fantastic fighting series of games. It’s produced by the same people who make the Mortal Kombat series, and honestly you can see the pedigree bleeding through. Even the mobile versions of the games are brilliant, which is super hard to achieve in a market when free-to-play games saturate the market. However, now it looks like the developers are gearing up to announce Injustice Gods Among Us 3, but there are some new faces joining the roster.

What you’re looking for in the above image is the smiley face badge that’s falling away on the left-hand side. That is an iconic piece of imagery from Alan Moore’s Watchmen graphic novel. Moore’s work revitalised the graphic novel as we know it, opening it up for adults around the world, and has recently become a pretty popular TV show. Personally I love both the movie and the comic ending, and haven’t watched the TV show, but I’ve heard that it doesn’t mess with things too much.

We can also see gears falling apart, and a clock in the centre. This is symbolic for the Clocktower falling apart, which is a space station where heroes monitor the world from in the DC universe. We should take it that a further divide has occurred between the heroes in this world, but how will the Watchmen fit in?

Doctor Manhattan can manipulate space and time. He could easily transport everyone from the Watchmen’s universe into the current timeline for Injustice Gods Among Us. I don’t think that’s out of the question. But as for whether they actually fit in the DC universe thematically, it’s a bit iffy.

Yes, DC published Watchmen, and can therefore use them how they want. But the Watchmen’s universe is very much all about avoiding the other heroes in the world. Heroes are almost abolished in the comic, and the entire story is actually set way before any of the modern day DC stuff too. I think that it would take something really crazy to bring the Watchmen into Injustice 3. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, far from it, but I’d like to see some sort of superhero cold war bring them to the front, not just a jump through space and time.

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