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Remedy Entertainment Is Creating A Shared Universe


Earlier this week we discussed the second big expansion for Control, the Alan Wake Expansion, as many are calling it. This expansion brings the worlds of Control and Alan Wake together officially. Whilst there are plenty of easter eggs in Control for Alan Wake, this is the first time that the characters will cross over. However, it seems like Remedy Entertainment is working on much more than just a simple crossover for their latest game.

As reported by VG247, Remedy Entertainment shared shortly after the reveal of Control’s second expansion that they are working on the Remedy Connected Universe. This is obviously similar to the Avengers, with many characters having their own storylines and adventures within one universe that is connected. Alan Wake was the first strange tale in this universe, Control is the second, and there’s a third in the works right now.

Apparently Remedy Entertainment has been dropping hints about the Remedy Shared Universe for a while now, but they’ve only confirmed it all recently. Creative Director Sam Lake explained that now is the time to take the first concrete step on the journey towards a Remedy Connected Universe. It sounds like the entire team is really excited about the prospect of a connected game universe, and there’s a new title in the works behind the scenes as you read.

While Alan Wake is pretty open for interpretation, and could be set in any universe, Control is the game that opens up Remedy’s future catalog for interconnectivity. The Oldest House is a labyrinth that changes as the world changes around it. The Director is the only person who can truly navigate The Oldest House in a way that makes sense, because they’ve got some kind of gift that allows them to work with it, rather than being stuck in it or manipulated by it.

I think that Remedy Entertainment knew exactly what they were doing when they made Control. They wanted to build something so strange yet open that they could build on it forever. It’s almost like the start of a sci-fi TV series that involves inter-dimensional travel. There’s no real limitation to the places that it could go, which makes it only become more and more exciting with every new season. I can’t wait to see where Remedy takes this universe next.

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